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Committee 2022/23

  • Chairman: John Cassidy

  • Vice Chairman: Gerry Hennessy

  • Secretary: Charlie Reilly

  • Assistant Secretary: Kieran Olwill

  • Treasurer: John McCabe

  • Assistant Treasurer: Hugh Lynch

  • PRO: Olivia Cussen

  • Registrar: Bernard Cussen

  • Children's Officer: Terry Nevin

  • Officer for Irish Heritage & Culture: Anne Marie McKenna

  • Players Representative: Nicholas McKenna

Executive Committee Members, as above plus...

Mattie  Smith, Stephen Blackburn, Joey Curley, Darren Gorman

Honorary Presidents

Terry Gilsenan, John Lynch, Fr Joseph McEvoy, Mary Bennett, Charlie Smith, Terry Reilly, Sean Sheridan, Willie Govern, Kevin Donnellan. 

Sub Committees

Co Board Delegates: TBC

Safety Officer: Gerry Hennessy

Coaching Officer: Stephen Blackburn

School Liasion Officer: Mattie Smith

Communications Officer: Kieran Olwell

I.T. Officer: John McCabe

Disciplinary Committee: TBC

Football Committee: TBC

Finance/Development/Fundraising: TBC

Social Committee: TBC

Grounds Committee: TBC

Healthy Club Officer: Liz Lacey

Community Liasion Officer: Liz Lacey

Insurance Officer: John McCabe

Juvenile Committee

Chairman: Anne Marie McKenna

Secretary: Caoimhe Donnellan

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