AGM 2021

A Chara,

Due to the reintroduction of COVID 19 restrictions and to ensure the safety of our Members the Club Executive have decided to run an “AGM Day” which will follow the very same format as last year’s AGM.  This AGM day is following the current GAA guidance from the GAA nationally, and will enable the Club to fulfil their Executive obligations under the Rules of the Association.

What is an AGM Day? 

An AGM day is a date when members can cast their votes for election of officers in a designated venue by secret ballot.

Timeline of Events

21st December 2021

AGM Notice and Nomination Forms to be received by Club Members

10th January 2022

Members must return completed Nomination Forms to Charlie Reilly, Club Secretary before 10pm on Monday 10th January 2022.  Full return details on nomination form.  A full list of members is available Here.

11th January 2022

In order to vote, Members MUST request an AGM Pack Here before Tuesday 11th January 2022 at 5pm.  This pack includes your ballot paper and declaration form that you will need to cast your vote.  The pack will be sent to you 7 days before the AGM Day.


The Pack contains the following information;

  1. Chairman’s Address

  2. Secretary’s Report

  3. Treasurer’s Report

  4. List of valid nominations/motions

  5. Member’s Declaration

  6. Ballot paper

21st January 2022

The Club AGM Day will take place in Moynalty GFC Clubhouse.  All members who are eligible can cast their ballot between 7pm and 9pm on that day.  Late votes will not be accepted.  More details on how this process works will be contained in your AGM pack.

There will be no facility to provide you with a ballot paper on the day due to COVID restrictions.